This week starts our new video series, Respawn Plays. Our first episode is set around the first level that we built for the game, “The Beacon”. We broke the episode into three parts moderated by our Community Manager, Jay Frechette [AKA Jayfresh]. He is joined by some of the key developers behind the mission including, Jason McCord, Austin Arnett, Chad Grenier, Jake Virginia, Manny Hagopian, Robert Taube, and Shawn Wilson.The guys go over creating the bond between Jack and BT, some issues that came with building a campaign for the first time, stringing the action blocks together to make a level, and then making the story come together in the end. Have a watch and listen while we have some good times reliving some of the crazy, fun, and sometimes stressful days of development.

Part 1:

Part 2: 

Part 3: