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Just because this is the off-topic forum it doesn't mean you are allowed to be rude, crass, offensive, hateful, or just all-around dumb. Thanks

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27 Jun 2011, 08:11

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We realize that while video games are awesome, sometimes you're just going to want to shoot the breeze and talk about other stuff. This is your place to do that.

Before you go off and make us wield our moderator powers for pain, please take a moment and read these rules:

The Respawn forum is meant to be a place of civilized conversations among its users. I shall now direct you to our Terms of Service page for the full legalese that you already agreed to when you joined the forum.


Aside from that, though, there are some basic rules to make sure your stay here in Off-Topic land is as comfortable and delicious as possible.

1. Language

Foul language, personal attacks, trolling, rudeness, and offensive language will NOT be tolerated. You have been warned.

2. Copyrighted Material

This is not a place for posting content that is copyrighted elsewhere, this includes magazine scans, music, videos, etc. Seriously dudes, just don't post it.

3. Warez

Any discussion of warez, pirating, emulating/ROMs, etc. will result in a ban. In this world we pretend it doesn't exist

4. Spam

Anyone caught spamming (which can generally be defined as; unsolicited hawking of a company/product/site/service, or posting the same thing over and over) will be banned.

Thats it! Just follow the golden rule, treat each other nicely, and we'll all get along great.

Thanks for reading,
Respawn Management

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