These past three years have been an incredible journey and I couldn’t be more pleased with where we landed. That’s why today I’m excited to announce the launch of Titanfall: Assault for both iOS and Android.




Not only are we blessed with an incredible team of experienced and talented game developers at Particle City, but we are also fortunate to be supported by two industry leading game companies. Respawn Entertainment with their amazing talent and creativity as well as Nexon with their global reach and years of experience in Free-to-Play.


How did we decide on a mobile RTS for Titanfall?
We presented the team with an opportunity to build a game based on the expansive Titanfall universe. We told them to envision what they believed would be the ultimate mobile game that takes advantage of the fast and agile Pilots, powerful Titan war machines, beautiful world settings and everything else that makes up Titanfall. After a slew of prototypes and revisions… we had the core of Titanfall: Assault.


What is Titanfall: Assault?
While it is easy to call TFA a mobile RTS, that doesn’t tell half the story. What you are really experiencing is a head-to-head battle that resembles looking down and spectating a Titanfall 2 match.

This is no simple tower defense RTS where your units march along a fixed path. Our units are smart and dynamic. They react based on their roles in the game. You have a squad of 3 x Pilots whose main focus is capturing Hardpoints. Your 3 x Titans will mow over pretty much anything they encounter enroute to the enemy base. And last, but not least, your 4 x Burn Cards offer you a wide range of support from structures, Drop Pods with Grunts to defend a location or projectiles that devastate anything in their impact area.

You will find a wide range and diverse set of units at launch on August 10th, with more to come. Check out our poll on Facebook to figure out who we should add in next. At launch we’ll have 40 units and each is unique. We have Pilots like Stim Bruiser that heals after each Hardpoint he captures or the new Pilot-class – Sim Ninja that can deploy anywhere on the field via a Drop Pod and is equipped with a lethal spinning sword attack. We also have the classic Titans from Titanfall 1, as well as, a range of Titanfall 2 units including the lethal Ion or the tank-y Core Ogre with its destructive maul and powerful shielding.




The goal of the game is to control these three Hardpoints across the midfield. Each hardpoint earns 1 point per 3 seconds. You must capture and control them and the first player to 100 wins. And if that isn’t working for you, build out a squad specializing in base destruction. Destroy the enemy base and you instantly win.

Again, the game is about bringing people together and to help with that we have a rich set of Guild tools to assist like-minded teams to form powerful alliances. Guild members can share replays of their matches to compare strategies. They can also challenge each other in friendly battles. And every other weekend we will be running Guild Objectives that help level up your squad as well as build up a Guild reward cache to be granted at the end of each event. We also have a slew of other community events planned for the near future.


Free to Play! Not Pay to Win
Two reasons – 1) We are able to throw the game’s doors wide-open and let the world join in the fun. 2) We can develop a game that doesn’t have to stop. We will continue to grow, mature and support the game as long as we continue to provide great gaming content worth player’s investing in.

Let me be the first to tell you that Titanfall: Assault is in no way a Pay to Win game. We have strived to ensure that players are fairly matched as they move up the Ranks. Yes, you can purchase Caches, but we bracket a unit’s max level based on the players’ level. You only earn player XP via battling in the game. So people with powerful units have been playing for a while to get there.


Thank you!
If you can’t tell, this has been a passion project produced by a team of industry veterans who have seen it all. Titanfall: Assault is a game that we absolutely love to play. We also have a great team of partners who have helped us get this to market not the least of which includes Respawn’s amazingly talent team of artists, designers and composers. Have you listened to the game? The musical score sets the mood and the sounds of battle are invaluable to help you win the match. The Respawn audio team and PCB Productions did an amazing job. And the squad at Nexon that keep everything running including their Product Management team, Marketing and DevOps support. And of course, the brilliant minds at Unity that provide this impressive engine we build the game on.

I want to close by saying thank you to the team at Particle City, your passion and commitment shows in every part of this game. We couldn’t be prouder of this amazing game.

We invite you to come join us in this first of its kind mobile gaming experience. We certainly hope you find the game as exciting as we do. This is only the start, we have much more to share with you in the coming weeks, months and years.



Standby for Titanfall!
Larry Pacey
CEO – Particle City