Titanfall is a massive universe, rife with stories to tell and battles to be waged. When Vince and I founded Particle City, we wanted to bring the expansive Frontier, as well as the fast and fluid action synonymous with Titanfall to the the gaming platform in everyone’s pocket – smart phones. The result is Titanfall: Assault, a real-time, head-to-head action strategy game where you assemble your custom squad of Pilots, Titans and Support Units (Burn Cards) and battle others for control of the Frontier. Soon players around the world will be able to battle in the Titan War anytime, anywhere.


We’ve worked closely with Vince, Steve Fukuda and the rest of the Titanfall team to translate everything we love about Titanfall — including popular Pilot and Titan loadouts, key characters and battle locales — into a mobile experience. We’re also expanding the universe with new specialized units, Burn Cards and game maps.



Titanfall: Assault concept art


From the start, our goal has always been to capture the fast-paced action and excitement of a Titanfall match. Our first game mode features capturing Hardpoints across iconic, war-torn locations from the Frontier. Not only are these different locales visually distinctive, but each introduces unique gameplay elements for players to take advantage of – from the ziplines for Pilots and breakaway sections that open up new paths for Titans on Crash Site to the sniper towers that extend a unit’s line-of-sight in Angel City. Each map feels and plays differently, requiring players to constantly adapt their strategies.


During a PvP match, the goal is to score 100 points by holding Hardpoints or go all-in and destroy an opponent’s base for an instant win. This dual mode of victory introduces a wide-range of different game strategies and squad loadouts.



PvP match on Boneyard map


Titanfall is all about the fast and lethal Pilots and their powerful Titans. In Titanfall: Assault you will be able to build out your own squad with a wide-range of different units that will bring the battlefield to life.


Players can choose from a diverse collection of Pilots each equipped with unique abilities and pair them up for deadly combos. Some of my favorites include the Sim Ninja – our simulacrum Pilot equipped with a melee sword for awesome close-range attacks that cause damage to other Pilots and support units. A few other unique units include Boomer with his Archer Heavy Rocket Launcher and powerful A-Wall shield and Grunt Captain who calls-in two Shield Grunts each time he captures a Hardpoint. All of these units will make for quite a force on the battlefield.



Build your squad of Pilots and Titans


We also include Titans from Titanfall 1 and 2. You will see many fan favorites as well as all-new Titans to deploy into action including the tank-like Ogre, the powerful Titan-killer Ion, the highly explosive Nuke Atlas or the anti-infantry Scorch that decimates grunts and Pilots in its wake.


And we are bringing back Burn Cards that allow players, as the Commander, to support Pilots and Titans by deploying Sentry Turrets, Missile Barrages, Personal Shields, a variety of grunts and much more.


Not only can aspiring Commanders progress up the Ranks of the Leaderboards to unlock additional game maps but they can form powerful alliances to dominate the Frontier. Joining a Guild will give players access to special in-game events as well as the ability to hone their squad loadout and strategies together by sharing replays and challenging guild mates to friendly battles.


We’ll be sharing more details on Titanfall: Assault as we get closer to the global launch so be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Don’t forget Pre-Register on Google Play now to get an exclusive Android Titan on day 1.


See you on the Frontier when Titanfall: Assault launches to iPhone, iPad and Android devices later this year!


Larry Pacey

CEO | Particle City, Inc.

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