It’s finally here folks. Frontier Defense is real and it’s coming in our next DLC drop which will be available for free on 7.25.2017. Here’s the trailer:

Before we go into the details, we’d like to share some exciting news. In the last FNN we mentioned that we’ve currently been seeing over 1 million active users a month. We’re thrilled to update that since the last DLC drop we’ve seen player counts continue to grow month over month which is great to see at this point since release. It’s amazing to see lots of players still engaged with Titanfall 2 and new players coming in all the time. Thank you for the support!

Alright, let’s get into all the stuff coming with this drop:






  • Co-op 4 player mode.
  • Defend your Harvester against 5 waves of increasingly difficult enemies.
  • Earn cash for defeating enemies that you can spend in between waves to purchase tools like Batteries, Arc Traps, Sentries, and more.
  • Choose from Easy / Regular / Hard / Master difficulty.
  • There will be an Insane difficulty as well that will exist in a separate tile as a Featured Mode.
  • New Titan Progression – ‘Aegis Ranks’
    • Earn Aegis Ranks by completing matches of Frontier Defense. Aegis Ranks can unlock powerful upgrades for your Titans, helping you succeed at higher difficulty levels. For now these Ranks will only apply to Frontier Defense.
  • New, challenging enemy types to battle.
  • 5 maps supported at launch
    • Homestead
    • Forwardbase Kodai
    • War Games
    • Rise
    • Blackwater Canal
    • We are currently testing additional maps and will add more in future
  • We’ll be showing more of Frontier Defense in an upcoming tutorial video around launch.


Map: Rise

Long sight lines and tight quarters dictate the battle in this abandoned desert reservoir. The towering, sheer walls and a system of convenient zip lines provide Pilots with means to get around quickly while Titans do battle in the long corridors below. Pilots can also set up ambushes in the guts of this complex pipeworks, while titans can lock down large sections of the battlefield at critical junctures. Tread carefully.




Live Fire Map: Township

A new modular construction of a residential firefight. Cover is sparse for Pilots bold enough to leave the safety of a few houses. Windows and rooftops decide who controls the map, but dense interiors can always hold surprises.




We’ve also made some renovations to our in-game store so you can browse new releases and easily see sales that are happening. Expect to see limited time sales, bundles, and more in the future. The timing here is good because we have some rad new stuff coming you can buy. Which brings me to…



In this DLC we’ll be introducing new Elite Warpaints for weapons and Titans that you can buy. These will not only look awesome but also provide XP Boosts. Let’s break them down:


G2A5 “Masterwork”Image_04_g2


Flatline “Blue Fade”Image_05_flatline


Alternator “Frontier Patriot”Image_06_alternator


EVA-8 Auto Shotgun “Badlands”Image_07_eva8


CAR “Crimson Fury”Image_08_car


R-201 Carbine “Underground”Image_09_r201


Archer “Phantom”Image_10_archer


B3 Wingman “Aqua Fade”Image_11_wingman



Each skin will give you and your team an XP boost for Frontier Defense and this boost is stackable. The skin will also have a shoulder piece on the upper arm that will upgrade visually when you complete each difficulty in Frontier Defense.




The warpaints for Titans will be available to buy until 8.28.2017. After that they are gone forever so don’t miss out!



On July 28th through the 30th we will be hosting another free trial for Titanfall 2 on all platforms. You will have access to the training gauntlet, the single player mission, The Beacon, and full access to multiplayer during this time. If you want to get a head start you can download the demo version of Titanfall 2 right now and play training and The Beacon in the meantime and you’ll be good to go when we flip on multiplayer on the 28th.



Titanfall Assault is a real-time strategy game based in the Titanfall universe being developed in partnership with Particle City and Nexon for mobile. We’ve been running betas in a number of regions this summer and later this week we are going to start talking more about the game and showing it in action soon. It’s shaping up really nicely and we think you guys will dig it.



And off the Bench comes Benchy with another killer montage.



The idea of titans wielding other titan weapons never came to mind but since we came across these pieces by Hydrothrax, we can’t stop laughing. [Link]




Our STIM IRL: Coffee stim, ability is ready and brewed [Link]



Lastly with our art, we have this cloak pilot ready to strike. [Link]



Kraber triple collateral


And that’s it for this month! Next week will be big and we can’t wait to finally get all this new stuff out there for you to play.