For this FNN, we are sharing a bit of what we’re planning for Titanfall 2 support for the rest of the year. We will be releasing patches in October, November, December and they will be focused on quality of life, bug fixes [like that pesky Tone Particle Wall bug], and balance changes.

We will also be releasing new weapon skins through the end of the year for purchase. Our desire is to have an Elite skin for most of the primary weapons. The art team has come up with some awesome stuff including Holiday themed skins.

The Featured Mode spot has been a great way for us to experiment and also add some fun wrinkles to existing modes. We’ll continue to rotate Featured Modes and have some stuff we want to try this year that we’ll be talking about later this month.

Lastly, it was awesome to get some community-made callsigns into Titanfall 2 last month like Nicole Peh’s outstanding Titan Restaurant Series. We’d love to add more so in the near future we’ll be giving you folks the opportunity to submit your art and we’ll be choosing our favorites to add to the game. Keep an eye on our Reddit and Forums for updates.

Later this month, we’ll be revealing more details on what to expect in the patches and talking more about some of the things we want to try to shake up the meta of Titanfall 2.


Our community never ceases to amaze us. This month is no exception.

Take example of this piece submitted by Dagahaz from DeviantArt []. One of the best pieces of Tone art we’ve seen.



Basklin (@basklin3 on twitter) created this wonderfully colored art after being commissioned by a fellow player.



Shhh! You smell that? Oh it’s just Cajunbelle11 over on reddit burning a Ronin into wood.



Lastly we’ll leave you with this Montage, once again, by Aspenox.

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