Thanks to everyone who spotted us and said hi. EA Play was a great and fantastic way to meet some of our awesome fan base. We enjoyed talking to you guys and are absolutely grateful for the amount of love and support you have shown us. We further showed our support for the fans by posting some of the great fan art you guys create on the wall for all to see.


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But before the Show opened, we had some prep work to complete. Such as making sure we were all pretty and we had nothing in our hair.


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Once that was all done, It was Game Time!


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It was lights, Camera, Action for JayFresh when the media came in to conduct interviews for Titanfall 2.  He did okay for the most part.




All three days of EA Play were crazy crowed as we had tons of folks come through to play a match and get their swag on!



As everyone came through and played, many of you guys came out and had great chats with the each other and the Devs.




Thank you to everyone once again who showed their support and continue to do so! We Love you all.



Also a shout out to Cooper (get it? like Jack Cooper!) for protecting and ensuring our safety during the event.