Our amazing recruiter Kristin Christopher recently talked to Develop Magazine about what we look for when recruiting and our plans to grow the company. Here’s a snippet:

“Although we make triple-A games, our teams are on the smaller side compared to other triple-A developers,” she explains.

“We had about 70 developers on the original Titanfall and we currently have about 90 working on the sequel. We expect our new team to grow to a similar size. 

“We offer the appeal of an indie studio where there is a chance to make your mark, combined with the opportunity for blockbuster-level success.”

It’s this dedication to innovation that Christopher insists marks Respawn as a studio fit for long-time creators and fresh-faced developers alike.

“We believe great design ideas can come from anyone,” she says.

“As such, everyone in the company has an opportunity to contribute and have a voice when it comes to making the game great.”

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